Best travel vloggers

Best travel vloggers

Best travel vloggers

Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr is one the help ful you tuber out there, he make traveling video and helping who are in need  as well as tips and advice on how viewers can travel get cheap hotel restaurant.

Harald like investigating the new things and food. he like to eat and stay on local place

Sam and Audrey

Sam and Audrey you guys probably already know Sam from our recent adventures in India together yet.

You’re missing out this world-class husband-and-wife team moved to South Korea to teach English years ago, but then decided to follow their passions by traveling off the beaten path to create in-depth vlogs and travel guides for locations like Croatia Quebec Peru Thailand, Greece, Portugal, Indonesia, Bosnia and the Ukraine and immersing themselves in the local culture and delicious food scenes the  Japan and India.

Series are must watch if you look closely you might spot a familiar face in Sam’s videos

Traveling clatt

Traveling clatt at the age of 21 he spent the entire year traveling the world and circumnavigating the globe.

He’s a fun quirky guy who believes the world’s a global classroom and is all about having a blast while.

Sharing helpful travel tips how to videos and travel vlogs like the conversations with Navajo tribe members in the heart of Navajo Nation, to finding the best slice of dollar pizza in NYC, to trying some of the world’s most amazing unique foods in places like the Philippines, Japan, Siberia.

Mike of making it happen vlog

Mike of making it happen vlog, they were once saddled with the conventional 80 hour work week jobs, but finally they decided they had enough and it’s the nine-to-five lifestyle to lead a life of excitement and exploration.

where the entire planet could be their backyard there are passionate travelers who focus on lifestyle and food in various parts of the world including an extensive Philippine series.

As well as helpful travel tips and hacks about mileage programs and Airlines as well as motivational content and much more.

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate a married couple from Nashville.

Tennessee  travel began in the year 2016 when like many people decided to take a year to see the world before their lives got too serious before they knew it.

They were bitten by the travel book and haven’t stopped sense in less than three years they have curated an impressive travel based YouTube channel.

That includes entertaining travel vlogs helpful vlogging tips travel hacks food videos and more in dozens of countries around the world like Canada, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Oman, Myanmar, Maldives Egypt, India and Turkey.

Mike Corey fearless and far

Mike Corey fearless and far is all about traveling to little-known places around the world making connections with people.

He meets in those places and immersing himself in the unique experiences that others might find strange or uncomfortable.

When he’s not visiting cliffside coffins in the Philippines experienced some of the world’s most bizarre festivals or being cleansed by witches in Mexico City.

You can find Mike filming cinematic underwater adventures and urban exploration videos you can also catch him hosting the BBC travel show on the BBC World Channel

Garrett  chores to townie a world

Garrett from chores to townie a world traveler from a small town in upstate New York, whose goals is to travel deeper and make the transition from tourists to town and truly understand the foreign communities.

He building relationships with locals and diving headfirst into their culture, you’ll find a wide array of videos on his channel include cinematic travel vlogs in locations like Japan the Philippines, Iceland Portugal and Thailand

As well as tips and advice on how viewers can travel the world essential travel gear how to get cheap flights

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