Facts about tiktok


15 seconds is the length of a  video that you can upload to the app tik tok this hugely popular app was first launched as musically in 2014 it was founded by longtime friends Alex Shu and Liu Yu yang from Shanghai China bite dance a media and tech company in Beijing bought musically in 2017 and merged it with their app tik tok.


Tik tok is called dual Yin in China because of their restrictive internet rules and has over 300 million monthly users  but now let’s dive into what makes Tik Tok one of the most popular apps at the moment number one

Why Tiktok

Tik Tok is the karaoke of the digital era and you only have 15 seconds to make a good impression people love the creative medium to showcase their singing dancing comedy and lip synching talents and with so many extras to make your video stand out it’s become one of the most popular apps

to download just how popular will share that with you later one of the main reasons that Tik Tok fans favor this app to Instagram is they believe that Tik Tok is not as artificial you don’t need to be traveling the world posting glamorous selfies to get likes they find

The app more relatable and it levels theplaying field to become an onlinesensation even the New York Times has said that

Tik Tok is the only true

Pleasant social network in existence

it’s easy to navigate and appeals to

people of all ages

Trendsetters and influencers

Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon have even used the app to reach a far greater and more diverse audience than ever before with the hashtag tumbleweed challenge for examples seeing 8,000 videos uploaded garnering 9 Million views in 7 days

 Tik Tok bridges the age gap seamlessly it’s not that often an app can integrate people of all ages as easily as tik-tak no surprises that teenagers across the globe love the app but what is surprising is that in places like Indonesia China Saudi Arabia Malaysia and the UAE there are more 25 to 34year-olds using tik-tok than 16 to 24 inthe US Jimmy Fallon was instrumental in tik-tok gaining a hefty increase in adult users Jennifer Lopez has been enjoying her time on tick-tock and Jessica Alba is also a fan 60% of the u.s. tick-tock market identifies as female with 40% identifying Mayo 60% are aged between 16 and 24 with 26% between the ages of 25 and 44 the major trendsetters and influencers. 

Tensetters born in the mid to late 1990s they’re the kids of Gen Xers it’s reported that tik tak is paying influencers up to 500 dollars to join their app and create content that they know will be followed 

 Here are some of the biggest influencers on tik-tok if you’re new to the app and don’t know who to follow here are some of the biggest names on the platform

many of these names found fame through vine and musically and have brought their followers with them there are influencers in between these but

following these people is a good place

to start spencer x aka spencer night 25 point 9 million followers the guy’s beatboxing skills are

impressive and he’s worth a follow baby

Ariel thirty-one point three million

followers she was the first person to surpass the

20 million follower mark on musically

and through these apps she’s managed to

secure gigs on Disney and Nickelodeon

Charlie D’Amelio 41 point 4 million


she only began on tik tok in June of

2019 and within months the Connecticut

15 year old rose to fame she now has a

spot in hype house had appeared in a

Superbowl commercial and is signed up

with a premier talent agency number 4

tik-tok is as safe as you allow it to be

like any social media platform there are

rules and regulations in place to

protect the user but common sense also

goes a long way tick tock is designed

for 15 years and older but it does allow

13 year olds on the platform there

various features in place to block

inappropriate content for younger users. 

Videos can still be created without the

option of posting them however there is

a dark side to tik-tok where people have

posted highly inappropriate content

explicit images and vulgar language are

just the minor concerns with many

labeling the platform a breeding ground

for pedophiles self-harm online bullying

religious indoctrination and tragically

the documentation of a suicide be

vigilant and keep grounded when using

the site and speak to an adult if you’re

experiencing anything that makes you

feel uncertain and coming up

tik-tok was blasted for trying to ban

certain demographics from using their

site more on that later

Tik tok is your opportunity

To get creative some of the most loved

videos include david dobrik giant

version of the Mentos and Diet Coke

experiment the dancing ferret loaded by

friendly quest is brilliant and a firm

favorite loaded by Caleb Cutler is the

banana giving birth to a baby banana the

croc shaving cream video will satisfy

you on levels you never knew possible

thanks to kids needs a friend and then a

recent favorite is from the Peter to

poodle account where you can see helium

balloons tied around a dog and the dog

lifts off the video has over 20 million

views and is on the rise number 6 music

companies are threatening to sue Tik Tok

over copyright infringement with

millions of songs being used every day

how have the royalties being paid david

israelite the CEO of the national music

publishers association told the

Financial Times that a lawsuit was

likely a future step as he confirmed

that more than 50% of the music

publishing market used on Tik Tok was

unlicensed Universal Music has been in

talks with Tik Tok to come up with an

agreement regarding royalties and to

date artists like Lady gaga Billie

Eilish and Taylor Swift have received

nothing for their songs being used on

Tik Tok the solution may be streaming

music licenses similar to réseau which

is what byte dance uses in India to

allow for the legal usage of music on

their tick-tock videos

number seven tick tock is the most

valuable startup company in the world

bite dance was founded in 2012 and its

startup value was seventy five billion

dollars the company behind tick tock is

a privately held one called bite dance

the founder of bi dance is shang ming

but he rarely gives interviews the rise

of by dents hasn’t been without its own

issues and after a series of online

media spats and controversies founder

jimang released a statement apologizing

for publishing a product that collided

with core socialist values the rise of

tick tock is incredible for China as

it’s the first Chinese company that’s

successfully broken ground in the

Western market surpassing uber start-up

of seventy two billion dollars number

eight tick tock has been downloaded 1.5

billion times with over 800 million

active users every month is there a way

to invest in the popular app bite dance

is a privately owned company so at this

stage shares are not available on the

stock market there are talks that

Softbank will be investing in Tech Talk

which might be the right decision to

bring them back after a series of

unfortunate investment decisions like

uber technologies and slack currently

with kovat 19 uncertainties facing

people worldwide it seems like no major

decisions will take place number 9 tick

tock is worth seventy five billion

dollars the money is made through many

ways including brand takeover ads which

bring in anything from 20,000 to

$200,000 per advert hashtag challenges

can cost a brand a flat fee of one

hundred and fifty thousand dollars to

run for six days and firms can spend an

additional 100 to 200 thousand dollars

for the advertising of that particular

challenge in-app purchases of coins can

also be made ranging from 100 for 99

cents and in moving up to ten thousand

for 99 dollars coins can be gifted to

your favorite tik tok user and if they

can use them to buy gifts online next up

how you can make money on tic toc 


 Users are monetizing their

journey and you can too if you’re a tic

toc influencer you could be earning

between 600 to 1,000 dollars per post

you upload popular tik tok users are

able to receive gifts from their

followers as mentioned earlier users can

purchase online coins and then give the

coins to someone they’re following brand

partnerships are an easy way to earn

money on tik tok and influencer

marketing campaigns are also pretty

popular influencers are even using the

platform to sell their merch and promote

their products cross promotion is a

great way to assist others and yourself

to try and spread your profile merch or

referral links live shows are gaining

popularity as a means of creating tik

tok wealth and remember you can also

link your tik tok account to other

online accounts spreading your influence

even further


Psychological Impact

There is a

psychological impact of Tik Tok this

could include one or all of the

following issues

narcissism many users are self-obsessed

according to experts attention seeking

lots of users will do anything for likes

and followers often forgoing their true

identity or self-worth self-inflicting

pain is another worry

sadly there are videos circulating of

users inflicting self-harm

depression users that are unable to get

the following and likes they’re hoping

for often will dip into serious


Sociological Impact

There is also a

sociological impact of tic tok isolation

because many users would rather spend

their time with online followers than

their real friends although the app

wasn’t created for this nudity is a

problem especially with users believing

that they need to reveal more to gain

more followers online abuse is a very

real concern for tik-tok users and some

users have even been on the receiving

end of blackmail 

Tik tok on problem

Tik Tok came under fire for trying to

ban certain demographics from using

their site the intercept an online news

publication found documents that

instructed tic tok moderators to

suppress posts added by people they

deemed too poor too ugly or even

disabled to use the app they were also

found to censor political speech and

block content from LGBTQ and

wait creators in a roundabout way of

explanation a spokesperson said they

were trying to protect vulnerable users

but those guidelines are no longer in

place or weren’t to begin with according

to them

During lockdown

Tik tak is the most downloaded app

during the COVID lockdown as we’ve all

been housebound for a while now people

have been downloading apps a lot and the

biggest gainer of new app downloads is

tick tock trailing behind was whatsapp

Facebook Instagram and Facebook

messenger doctors have been using the

platform to get COVID messages across to

younger audiences and people have been

using the app to help ease their anxiety

and fears about the virus it’s been an

incredible platform for people to reach

out to each other and for users to

realize they’re not alone in their

worries concerns even their boredom

number 15 these are the tick tock trends

to look out for in 2020 memes are going

to continue being massive and if you get

yours on point it’ll be easy to gain a

following users will start treating

tik-tok like a TV show where posters

will create storylines with their

hashtags so much like tuning into your

favorite series you’ll be tuning in to

watch your favorite tick tock channels

comedy and influencer collaborations are

going to explode as many try to find

relief and happiness after COVID users

are going to want to see more faces

behind the brand’s as people opt for

legitimate and trustworthy places to

spend their money in time on tick-tock

users and influencers will help shed

light on mental health and self-care as

we move into a new kind of lifestyle

after COVID 19

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