Is MrBeast (jimmy donaldson) the next PewDiePie

Who is mr beast?

Jimmy Donaldson is a 21 year old from South Carolina who’s been making YouTube videos since 2012 he started out with Minecraft videos

Mr. beast is one of the most fascinating creators on YouTube that we’ve seen in years hey mr. beast here last year alone he grew a million subscribers a month six years ago PewDiePie had the same subscribers as him so literally if he could be like anyone just beauty but he’s now sitting at 22 million subscribers and a lot of his videos do between 15 and 20 million views with some of the videos in the 50 to 60 million view category

How he became so popular?

His style is influencing internet video everywhere but specifically it’s having a massive impact on YouTube so let’s do a super brief history of mr. beast aka  who’s been making YouTube videos since 2012 he started out with Minecraft video but he’s always been dedicated to the platform

it’s been really clear about the fact that he’s wanted to become a famous youtuber.

He went beyond YouTube couple years into making YouTube videos he started doing more social experiments videos that were kind of just so weird that you wanted to click on that amount of people that watched the crap he put on the Internet

It’s honestly mind blowing like it’s just getting ridiculous videos like counting to a hundred thousand in one video that took him like 20 hours $39.99 thousand four hundred and forty nine or when he literally watched paint dry, but things really started to pick up when he started experimenting with money how do he make any money he spend it all on videos up till recently

He really did it these are his favorite type of videos to make he really enjoy helping people like dropping money from the drone on completely random people.


Mr. beast continues to pay it forward his videos feature extreme acts of generosity the next evolution of these social experiments was when mr. beast got his friends involved last one of his friends  to leave this slide to win 20 grand, Chris start us off hop in that’s when things really turned up and he started to see videos get upwards of 40 and 50 million views and another experiment was last one of you to leave this car gets to keep

Why these concepts work so well is because you actually have to watch all the way until the end to get the payoff

Jenga format of youtube videos will win hands down and take over basically as time goes on in the video the stakes have to increase and if the stakes of the video increase and you’re definitely gonna keep watching so like this video

Here is example of jenga format video last to leave VR wins $20000

mr. beast videos you have to watch into the end to get the payoff and that has never been more valuable on YouTube than it is now in the early days


How youtube algorithm work?

YouTube views were the most important things if you come up with a title and a thumbnail that got someone to click that was the most important.

But in 2012 they changed their algorithm to prioritize watch time

And in 2016 the algorithm changed again to take it even a step further creators with huge channels started realizing that YouTube was not servicing their videos to their subscribers videos are sending out properly to the sub boxes, this is kind of a reoccurring problem with YouTube and what we now know is that watch time is the biggest determining factor for how many views your video will get not necessarily how many subscribers you have

so the bottom line here is that mr. beast is making longer videos that you actually have to watch all the way till the end

mr. beast works he’s being rewarded for coming up with concepts that make you want to watch all the way till the end and we’re seeing concepts like this across the platform a great example of this is hot once as the show goes on the wings get hotter the stakes get higher and you want to watch the person eats the hottest weight and to take it a step further there are a lot of people who you can tell are directly influenced by mr. beast and his concepts the fastest sprinter that is wearing heels today James Corden even did a video like forcing someone to watch Game of Thrones in one stitch that’s clearly mr. beast inspire most likely mr. beast will become the biggest independent creator on the platform  if he keeps growing at the rate he’s growing out it’ll happen

How much mr beast earn?

Mr beast net worth?

How much money does mrbeast make?

  1. With more than 40 million subscribers on his main channel and amassing an average of 20 million views, he earns an average of 146k to 2.3 million monthly.And that’s only on his main YT channel. He also has 6 other channels including MrBeastGaming, Beast Reacts, Mr. Beast Shorts, Beast Philanthropy, Mr Bro, and Mr. Beast 2. We can accurately assume that they also generate ton of revenue from YT ads.
  2. Mr Beast also sells branded merchandise such as T-shirts, bags,pants, and the lots
  3. Sponsors pay for advertising on his videos (Honey, TikTok, Quidd etc)

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