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Kitchen hack we should know

  • A sharp knife is a safe knife. Keep it sharp so you don’t need to put a lot of pressure when cutting. And never leave it in a sink.


  • Taste everything you make. Before you serve something, you should try it and add seasoning if it needs it


  • Before you begin the actual cooking, measure everything out so you have it ready when the recipe calls for it. Then you will never have to run around looking for an ingredient in the middle of cooking.


  • Recipes are one person’s opinion on how to make a dish. Experiment with the ingredients. Don’t be afraid to fail. The exception to this is baking. Stick closely to baking recipes until you have some experience, as innacurracy could leave you with a brick instead of a loaf of bread.


  • Put a damp cloth or towel under your cutting board. It prevents it from sliding around.


  • Pizza pans and baking sheets make good lids for pots and pans if you can’t find one that fits.


  • Don’t cook with any wine you would not drink. Cooking wine is not as good as the real stuff. Use the real stuff.


  • Raid your pantry at least once a week and use some of those items that you bought and never got around to using. It improves your creativity and saves time and money, since you already have the ingredients on hand.


  • Cook meats based on their temperature instead of time. Ovens are all different. Take it out of the oven about five degrees below what you want it to be. It will continue to cook for several minutes. That is called carry over cooking.


  • Choose a recipe you like and master it. Cook it many times and memorize how to make it. It builds confidence and gives you the start of a repertoire of recipes you can make at short notice.


  • To avoid smell in refrigerator, place sliced lemon in it.


  • To clean your microwave take a bowl with water an add lemon juice to it. Heat for 5-10 mins. Clean using cotton cloth.


  • If you love to create chutney or sauces, try to keep them in earthen pots. They will remain fresh for longer time.


  • If you want to avoid lizards in your kitchen, place egg shells at any corner.


  • Put cloves in Sugar box, and say NO to Ants.


  • Cover your peeled potatoes with cold to avoid them turning black.


  • Squeeze lemon juice to avoid apple rusting.


  • Place cardamom in tea box and let them give you freshness.


  • Keep your banana fresh by tying stem part with plastic.


  • If you use ginger-garlic paste frequently then create the paste and keep in refrigerator in sealed box [to avoid smell] for future use.


  • In summers for Raita or curd we need masala salt. Make it and place in box for longer use. It saves time [bhuna jeera(cumin) + black salt + heeng + cloves + kali mirch + ajwain].


  • Place raw eggs in cold water, if they sink they are fresh but if they float then dont use them.


  • While boiling eggs put some salt in it, it will peel out easily.


  • Remove hull from strawberries by inserting a straw from tip to toe.


  • Use floss in your kitchen to cut soft foods like cakes, rolls

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