Melania and Donald trump

Donald Melania Trump
Donald Melania Trump

When Donald Trump became president of the United States is wife Melania became the most talked-about woman in the world.

Donald has made headlines for many years for his boisterous personality his strong opinions on political issues and his lavish lifestyle but not much is known about America’s new first lady

Melania Trump Melania was born in Slovenia in 1970 when it was part of Yugoslavia she’s the first first lady to
be born in a communist nation – when she
was 18 years old she moved to Milan to
pursue her dream of becoming a
successful model she later moved to
Paris to further pursue her career
before moving to America in the mid 1993
Melania has dedicated her life to
raising her son Barron she says she’s
never hired a nanny because she believes
it’s the parents responsibility to take
care of their own children for she
started modeling when she was just five
years old when she turned 16 she starred
in numerous print ads and television

The Trump’s own numerous
properties and Melania handled all of
the interior decorating
the family three-story home in New York
City’s Trump Towers is a lavish
penthouse of Melania decorated with 24
carat gold accents and exquisite marble
6 when she met Donald in 1998 at a
Fashion Week party he was there with
another woman
Donald asked Melania for her number but
she didn’t think it was the right thing
to do since he was attending the event
with someone else so she took his number
instead and the rest is history.

She has graced the covers of many
popular magazines including Vanity Fair
Vogue glamour Harper’s Bazaar and GQ 8
she speaks 5 languages in total
including Slovene English French Serbian
and German Donald only speaks English
and Melania has never forced him to
learn any additional languages 9 while
growing up modeling wasn’t her only
passion she was also very focused on her
education she attended a university in
Slovenia where she studied architecture
and design



According to one of the professors after you
diversity Melania has a very high IQ she
passed a very rigorous admission test
proving she’s much more than just a
pretty face

In their three-story
Trump Towers penthouse their son Barron
has an entire floor all to himself
but Melania insist she doesn’t spoil him
she just wants him to have all the space
that he needs to play around and be a

She has launched numerous businesses
throughout the years including a watch
and jewelry collection and a skincare
line containing products enriched with
vitamins and caviar

Standing at 511
tall Melania ties Michelle Obama and
Eleanor Roosevelt as one of America’s
tallest first ladies

Before marrying
Donald Melania signed an ironclad prenup
the terms of the prenup were never
disclosed but Donald says the process of
getting the prenup signed was a hard
painful ugly tool

Melania has a
secret half-brother named Dennis he’s
four years older than Melania and was
conceived right before her parents got

while Donald worked hard on
his presidency campaign Melania
preferred to stay out of the limelight
she says she’s very political in her
private life but when it comes to
discussing politics in public she lets
Donald take the lead

Donald is
milania’s first and only husband but
she’s actually his third wife he married
his first wife Ivana in 1977 he married
Marla maples in 1993 and then he tied
the knot with Melania in 2005

one-issue Melania really stands behind
is how much he hates bullying she says
it’s never okay for kids to be bullied
on the playground and at school and it
really bothers her when people use the
internet to cyberbully their victims

one reason her marriage to Donald has
lasted so long is because she’s not a
nagging wife Melania says she never
tries to tell Donald what to do and she
allows him to be his own person

The average cost of a wedding in the
United States is just over $26,000 but
when it came time for Melania and Donald
to plan their special day they spent an
estimated 1 million dollars in total
including $100,000 for the bride
stunning Christian Dior wedding gown
she’s actually his third wife he married
his first wife Ivana in 1977 he married
Marla maples in 1993 and then he tied
the knot with Melania in 2005

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