Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets in nepal


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Brand new, original cleaning tablets for your washing machine. Using a small amount of detergent and low temperature detergent can gradually build up grease and dirt.Over time, these deposits can damage your car and laundry. Use these Cleaning Tablets to keep your machine and pipes clean and free of these deposits. Get the ultimate cleaning experience with precision cleaning Suitable for all washing machines. Designed to penetrate, dissolve and remove odor-causing residues that can occur in all washing machines. The specially formulated tablet dissolves slowly, will last throughout the wash cycle and break up residue better than bleach.Safe to use with front load washing machines and top load washing machines – High efficiency (he) and regular washers. Use once a month to keep your car fresh and clean and the septic tank safe.Specifications:Designed to thoroughly clean your washing machine Just place 1 tablet in the drum and start the wash cycle Cleans the filter and the inside of your device, including the drum and pipes Powerful formula removes dirt residues + detergent residues Eliminates bad odors Safe Touch Water Soluble Screen Protector Suitable for all brands of washing machine For best results, use 1 tablet every month.


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