Why use AMP for blog


Mobile is the future, if you focus more on mobile SEO chances of ranking are high of a better SEO And your page will rank fast The keyword to be ranked that took 6-7 months organically You can do it fast.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) If you are using a google phone or nexus You may have seen lot of pages (news) named google news. You’ll notice, every news has this flash sign Thunderbolt sign A black and white flash When you search something on google via mobile You’ll see text on the right side of the pages Sign of flash SO that flash sign is called AMP. It means that page is AMP optimised. Whenever you search a news or any keyword, chances are high AMP pages are more.

AMP has a big relation Main aim of google is They want the best content for their users and people don’t switch to other search engines. So consumer is the king according to google If a user searches for a question, google wants them to get the desired results. with less headache. Suppose there is a page that takes a lot of time in loading. Or it’s not mobile optimised. or it’s code is not good Or images are of high quality or there are surplus ads Because of this person won’t search on google Now people are trying to crack algorithm of google Maybe. Those pages may reach the top But main aim of google is Better user experience

How does AMP work?

So google started this AMP And initiated this feature. And in this Their own code will be integrated in your basic code and this will decrease the load time of the website to 3 times. Depends on your page. Now it will remove heavy images. popup ads. and some java script It will fix that too. Basically it will give your page a simple look. Which will improve the loading speed Some people say that in AMP We use CDN network. It means. Suppose my website. loads on a abc server Now this server can be slow which can cause some issue in loading. Now On google or some other company, Your page has been hosted(AMP) So when a user reaches your website User will open it with google server Means google server is relatively faster than your server Website speed will be fast

How AMP help in SEO and advantage ?

If your Content is good and it is on fast server Ultimately aim of google is fulfilled. that’s why Google promote AMP, Low bounce rate

Advantage of AMP

  1. It speeds up website load time.
  2. Enhanced SEO.
  3. Low bounce rate.
  4. The potential for increased ad views.

Getting started with AMP

If you have a wordpress website. It’s on you whether you want to install it or not But if You have a blog, what you can do There’s a plugin AMP fro wp. You can install it. Activate in the plugin section It’ll ask you basic question You can upload the logo and end it It’ll automatically make AMP pages of your website. What’s the advantage? You’ve installed AMP easily Normally in coded websites. You need to create but in wordpress You’ve advantage to add it directly They do have some paid feature also I’ll say free features are more than enough If you are into blogging. If you have a corporate website. Where you want to work on appearance. And your website is mobile optimised. Then there is no need of AMP But if you are into blogging You don’t need much graphics or anything Or how appealing is your website. There should be chatbox Etc etc Here your main aim is You need to provide content to the other person If you are into blogging or you have a business where you want to educate the other person then AMP is for you.

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