20 Best Profitable Business ideas after lockdown in Nepal – 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak will significant rise in unemployment and its impacts has already visible.Some employers have already decreased the manpower and many has sent employee home with half-pay.

The cancellation of visas and mountaineering will impacts tourism of Nepal for several years.Many people will be back from foreign country to their home country and try to invest in a business.

People are looking a new ideas to start a Business for long term profit so below are some industries which going to get raised after outbreak.

Agricultural Sectors

From past Nepal has been highly depended in Agriculture and Agriculture is sector which will be never effect by any kind of pandemic.
Below are the list of industries which can be start from Agricultural Sector:
1. Local Chicken Farming
2. Dairy production
3. Mushroom Farming
4. Fruits production5. Ayurvedic Pharmacy
6. Biodegradable Carry Bag
8. Dairy production
9. Packaged Drinking Water
10. Spices Manufacturing With Packaging

Household business Sectors

Since many people will be flood around from globe in their home country for investing in some business.
People will look around for housing and business hub for settlement. And Below industries are going to be Profitable for upcomming years.

11. Herbal Soap & Toilet Soap
12. Pvc Pipes And Fittings
13. Modular Furniture
15. Garments Manufacturing
16. Plastic Waste Recycling Unit
17. Steel Furniture
18. Aluminium Fabrication
19. Sanitary Napkin & Baby Diapers Manufacturing Unit
20. Bricks Manufacturing Units.

IT Sectors

Technelogy sector will have slight effect than other sectors so below are the list which will be profetable in low cost investment.

21. IT company for Mobile,web and Desktop Application
22. Business Process Outsourcing
23. Vloging, Bloging with google adsenses

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