fun facts about a fart

Facts about farting you probably didn’t know

fun facts about a fart

The word fart is defined as “to send forth a wind from the anus” and right from dark ages it’s been used in a way to lighten the mood.

9.41 million gallons of human farts are released into our atmosphere daily,

Farts shouldn’t be a reason for feeling embarrassed because they’re a sign you have a healthy digestive system. On the other hand, if you notice you aren’t farting you should consult a doctor.

Holding Farts in could be bad for your Health, If you hold them in, They’ll just come out when you Sleep.

Here are few interesting facts about fart

1. Facts about human fart, Females tend to fart less than males.

2. A normal human being will fart over a dozen times every day.

3. And the air they produce can be used to blow up one balloon.

4. Don’t ever be embarrassed about a fart because it is actually an indication of good health. If your digestive system is working as it should, you will fart. If you feel like you haven’t been farting lately, it is best to get a medical opinion.

6. The main component of a fart is hydrogen sulfide which helps decrease any damage to the mitochondria. This means that taking in the smell is actually good for you.

7. Fun facts about a fart While women don’t fart as much as men, their farts tend to smell more because they have greater levels of hydrogen sulfide. This makes the air they produce better for your health as well.

8. Amazing facts about fart Your farts are much faster than you because they travel 10ft/sec.

9. The tighter your sphincter, the more sound your farts will make because they can’t get out easily.

10. If you chew a lot of gum and drink aerated drinks, it will increase the frequency of your farts.

11. Most of our daily farts happen when we are asleep.You didn’t know when you do

12. Termites may be small in size but they fart more than any other creature. Camels come a close second, followed by zebras and cattle


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