Ideas to utilize during lock down free time

In the current outbreak of corona, every one is having free time in abundance. Students who used to think of vacations while being annoyed of daily grind of school, colleges and university homework are now absolutely sitting idle. Outdoor activities are zero as emphasis is being put on “Social Distancing”. So all we can do is to plan some indoor activity that enables us utilize our free time in a futile manner along with other benefits.

Our main goals these days must be to boost our immunity to fight the pandemic and maximum utilization of our luxurious time in healthy activities.

Following activities can be planned to achieve  the above mentioned goals.




● Workouts:

Perform light exercise like pushups, sit ups, planks and jumping etc. It would maintain your physical and mental health and boost your immunity.


● Watch movie or series online:

Watching movie is most common thing we do while we are free on home

Here are the few tips to watch movie online

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● Maximize the use of natural foods:

Use raw vegetables , fruits and eat salad. Drink plenty of water especially warm water. It would strengthen your immunity and body resistance against various diseases.


● Online Courses and Certifications:

All academic institutes have announced extensive vacations. In context of such extensive luxurious time, students can enroll themselves for online courses and certificates and enhance their knowledge and skills.


● Read Books:

Books are the best companions a person owes. Read books based on your interest to acquire knowledge and render your brain fertile.


● Enhance your Communication Skills:

There are various online platforms available to enrich your vocab. and polish your verbal communication.


● Analyse your strategic goals:

You have enough of time to analyse your goals. Make a strategic plan and complete your paper work to achieve your goals.


● Meditation:

Give time to yourself. Think about yourself and the purpose behind your creation. Analyse your connection with your Creator and direct your aim at strengthening this connection.

● Friends and family

Give time to you friends and family, try talking to them ask them  about areas share picture of lock down create ideas after lockdown may be you guys can come up with planning of business ideas after lock down

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