Signs of week Immunity?

Our immunity is a God gifted defence mechanism that our body owes. It shields us from countless germs that are abundant in our atmosphere. A good immunity provides sufficient protection from these monsters whereas a weaker immunity makes us susceptible to various infectious diseases and pathologies. What we all need is to maintain a strong immunity to shield ourselves from harmful bacteria and viruses. I am going to discuss 5 potential signs that are the hallmark of week immunity.


• Multiple Infections:
Well, infection is the hallmark of any bacterial or viral invasion of body protective barrier. Infections can occur anywhere in the body like skin, lungs, liver etc.

• Persistent Hyperthermia/temperature:
Well, fever may be the initial symptom of any systemic infection. Recurrent fevers indicate that your body defence is week enough to fight the invading microbes.

• Autoimmune Reactions:
Autoimmunity is a quite dangerous mechanism where body immune cells start destroying body own cells instead of foreign invaders. This can lead to severe consequences like organ failures.

• Poor Digestion:
If you are going through digestion problems for a long duration, you might have developed week immunity. It may include loss of appetite, altered bowel habits and abdominal bloating.

If you face any of the above-mentioned signs& symptoms, consult your physician. Other possible strategies may help you a lot.
• Exercise
• Sufficient Sleep
• Fresh vegetables and fruits
• Eat food rich in Vit.C
• Drink plenty of water
• Stay stress-free
• Add relaxation hours in your routine.Get enough sleep



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