What are the best ways to improve your personality

  1. First visual impression looks matter for the first impression  Always keep an attentive posture, lean forward slightly Invest in your own personal hygiene like flossing your teeth, clean your mouth, wear cologne Bad breath is a big turn off.The quality of your cloth does not really matter, but make sure they are always clean, proper combination and well ironed. Keep your beard clean and trimmed. Girls should wax, if necessary.
  2. Anytime you are meeting a group of people for the first time, introduce yourself by telling them your name with soft eye contact and smile.
  3. Show respect for other person’s opinion. Never tell a person he or she is wrong.
  4. Avoid spreading discouragement, encourage people and teach them what you know and they don’t.Don’t talk about people, make fun of other people, or gossip. Try to talk about yourself or the other person you’re talking to.Listen to their experience and share yours. Basically, Connect.Show respect for other person’s opinion. Never tell a person he or she is wrong. Keep promises If you promise to do something for someone, make sure you do it. People love reliable people.
  5. You must always be calm, composed & cool about everything. This will build a positive aura around your body attracting people towards you.Speak a bit less and think before you speak because one wrong word can hurt your personality.

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