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What has corona virus has taught us

  • United States  is no longer the world’s leading country.


  • China  won the 3rd world war without firing a missile and no one could handle it.China  won the 3rd world war without firing a missile and no one could handle it.


  • Vladímir Putin  is a visionary.


  • Prevention saves more lives than acting at the last moment


  • Health professionals  are worth more than a footballer
  •  We are not mistaken when we ask for more hospitals “and less war”.


  • Children occupy a privileged place in nature.


  • Oil  is worthless in a society without consumption.


  • Death does not distinguish race, color, or social strata


  • Human beings are opportunistic and despicable, no matter their socio economic position when raising prices


  • Toilet paper is more important than food.


  • Social networks bring us closer, but it is also the means to create panic


  • Now we know how animals feel in zoos.


  • Today’s children no longer know how to play without internet or TV


  • There are those who earn millions and do not serve humanity.


  • A computer engineer is important, he already knows where the internet fell.


  • Health care workers are alone, abandoned and forgotten. Even so, they never give up


  • Children are now educated as free thinkers by their parents


  • Does aid favor the wealthy, and the needy? Those who live day by day are disoriented.


  • No Peer/pastor/Pandit saved coronavirus patients


  • We started to appreciate the great gesture of trust that means shaking hands are not necessary


  • Humans are the real vírus viruses on the planet.


  • The planet regenerates quickly without humans.


  • We are not prepared for a pandemic


  • Politicians take the opportunity to pull the rug from the rival.


  • More should be invested in health rather than festivals.

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