What not to gym

What not to on gym?

What not to gym

Re-rack your plates as well as your dumbbells. Never, never, never leave 645 extra pounds on the leg press or your dumbbells rolling around on the flooring waiting to be located.

Don’t wear denim to the gym. Why would you even work out in jeans? So restricting. You look silly and out of place. Plus, denim is hard on the benches and equipment at the gym

Don’t use a bench just to set your towel on it; others may need it

Don’t wear dirty cloth, Wash your damn gym clothes. If you can smell you, you can bet your ass that we can, too.

Don’t stand directly behind a girl who is squatting or deadlifting.

Don’t complete a set and then get on your phone and chat/text/surf for 10 minutes.

Don’t go near someone who is sprinting on the treadmill and start small talk.

Don’t just pick up lying weights and start doing your reps, they maybe of someone else in between their set. Always look around and ask the nearby person

Don’t drop heavy weights unless there is a good reason to-when deadlifting don’t drop the weights-at least control them a BIT on the way down. Olympic lifting, fair enough.

Wipe down machines. There’s absolutely nothing even more horrible than having to wipe someone else’s sweat. And also you’re advertising the dispersing of germs.

Don’t be a hero. Ask for a spotter if you need one.

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