Truth about life everyone should accept

Truth about life everyone should accept

  • Nobody is really thinking about you. If they are thinking about you, they will forget you ever existed after they get busy with their lives again.


  • Humanity gives you more happiness ever. Helping others is 100% happiness.humanity give you happiness


  • Life is meaningless by default. You should make it meaningful. This is absolutely your own duty.


  • Nothing just falls into your lap. Nothing moves without you moving it. You can wish all you want but nothing will happen.


  • You are either controlled by fear or you control the fear yourself. You can waste your life fearing the unknown or you can jump and hope for the best.


  • Having no plan or a sense of direction usually ends up bad. Always have a sense of direction and know what you want and where you want to be.


  • You cannot escape the horrors of a bad childhood. It will always be there in your mind and it will affect you mentally. Self development is the key.


  • Don’t ignore the fact that you will die. Do not escape that thought. Acknowledge it. It will set you free and make your lives much better. You. Are. Going. To. Die.


  • There is nothing on this earth that is as powerful as love, acceptance and respect.


  • We had to be destroyed to be rebuilt. We had to be destroyed to understand more. There is knowledge in pain. The biggest changes come through suffering.


  • You are free. Absolutely free to be whatever you want. No one is holding you back. You only think things are holding you back. ← This is a little deep but you just need to think about it.


  • Money can’t buy happiness but nor does poverty. So, we need to stop idolizing poverty. The better way to say this is–Only money can’t bring you happiness. You have to discover happiness inside you.


  • Truth about life everyone should accept


  • Most of the people are good only because they can’t afford being bad. I said most of the people, not all. You might be an exception; don’t feel offended


  • We often are worried about what people might think about you. But, trust me, they don’t have time to think about us. At least, not as much as we think.


  • Loving someone doesn’t hurt but the expectations of getting loved by them does. And, often we just want to be loved. We want them to be with us. We want them not to love someone else. We want many things that later hurt us.


  • Love and pain both change us. If we do it right, we can get the best out of us. And, done wrong, both can get the worst out of us. So, beware when you are in love or heart-broken.


  • Mostly, we get happiness only by escaping our pain and reality–such as by watching a movie, chilling out with friends, being in arms of someone we love, or drinking alcohol. We are just running from ourselves.


  • Often, we start admiring people once they are dead. Even we tend to forgive the ones who have made our life miserable.


  • We can easily spot faults in someone than the good traits. Maybe, it gives us a relief to know that we are not the only with the imperfections.


  • We often run after the things that are hard to get. The things that are out of our league always fascinate us.


  • Even if the world is as terrible as we think, it should never be a reason for you to be a bad person.


  • That you were born alone and you will die alone. Try living a meaningful life as much as possible. Have goals and work on them daily if you can.coffin


  • You won’t be young forever. Clearly your biological clock is ticking every day. You get those small reminders of your mortality.


  • You may have over 10 people who you consider as friends but only 1 or 2 will be there for you during your hard times. Be even thankful if you have 1.


  • That you are not that important no matter who you are. Everyone has their personal life and is engrossed in their own problems. Don’t think too much what people will say because in the first place they are not thinking about you.


  • What is in your mind is an exact reflection of what is happening in your life. You wonder why you keep making the same mistake over and over again or why you keep failing at something you are good at. What you need to do is go through your beliefs and self talk and eliminate those thoughts that are not working for you. You do this by replacing old thoughts with new ones.


  • That you will have depressive periods in your life. Not everything will work out exactly as you want. Rule of thumb is don’t be too attached to the outcome of every event.


  • That luck plays a big factor in becoming successful or a millionaire. I know people who were trading first time in financial markets and they just went all in on one trade which got them to the top 10% of the world.


  • To become a professional athlete does require you to start early and to mostly focus your life on just that one sport. These people have put over 10,000 hours in what they do to be that good. That was according to Malcom Gladwell. I agree with him because half hearted athletes never make it big. Do you know any world class tennis or basketball or football player that had a day job?Truth about life everyone should accept


  • That money is important. Most couples break up because of money issues where one wants to spend and the other is not working or not earning enough. Make sure you learn new skills that will help you make enough for how you want to live. I would advise you to start saving early in life to be able to have enough for the future.


  • Happiness is found in the pursue of a worthy endeavor. Material things won’t contribute much to your level of happiness.


  •  As we all know some people have won the genetic lottery . Being beautiful and handsome means you will barely have issues with low self esteem in your early years. You will be treated better by the society and everyone will want to be your friend. Don’t we all love these people


  • You are not worthless. Your parents may or may not treat you like you matter, but you matter nonetheless.Truth about life everyone should accept


  • Words are powerful. Sticks and stones may break bones, but bones heal. Words are powerful and stick with people for their entire lives. Choose your words wisely.


  • You can’t give what you don’t have. I want to donate $1000000 to charity. What’s the problem? I don’t have anywhere near that right now. People have to have something first, before they can give it to someone else.Truth about life everyone should accept


  • Honesty is not as important as you think it is. O.k. yes, being honest with your family and loved ones and friends is important. But it’s usually better to either lie or shut the fuck up in most situations


  • Real is rare. I consider myself a real person. I have no bad intentions towards you. I don’t want to use you, or take advantage of you. I will try to be a really good friend if you’re willing to do the same. Most people aren’t like that though.


  • College is a scam. Remember Good Will Hunting? Matt Damon’s character Will Hunting says something along the lines of: “You’re spending $150 grand on an education you could get for $1.50 in late charges at the local library.” He wasn’t lying.


  • Healthcare should be free everywhere, but unfortunately that is not the case. Doctors, Nurses, and all the other Staff could be paid the same amount, maybe a little more if everything was run by the state. Insurance companies are the middle men who profit when you are healthy. The hospitals profit from you when you’re sick and/or dying. That’s in a capitalist system anyway.


  • We could end World Hunger in one day. The problem would never be a problem if we really gave a shit. Yes. You read that right.


  • Soldiers and Military aren’t fighting to protect the people of their country. They’re really fighting to protect the interests of their Government and the private contractors who profit from the invasion of foreign land.


  • All it takes is one big mistake to ruin your entire life. Yes. You could be a star athlete in high school. You could invent a new kind of car. You could find a vaccine for the Coronavirus. If you have something shady in your past… and the media gets hold of it… and they will… Your professional life will suffer dearly.


  • You’re nothing without money. Money can’t buy you happiness and immortality, but you can’t surely live even half of your life without it.


  • Religion is not for everyone. But there is only one God and it’s not for us to force other people how they want to believe it.Truth about life everyone should accept
  • Some things will be out of your reach no matter how hard you try.


  • Everyone is replaceable.


  • No matter how much you love someone, there is no way of making them love you back.


  • In every relationships, one will love more than the other or not at all. Move on.


  • In the end, you can make the right choice and still end up regretting it forever.


  • Nobody will ever understand what it means to be you. You are alone. It’s hypocrisy to say “I feel you”.


  • Bad shit can happen to anyone at any time, and for no particular reason.


  • Every one comes into this world with empty hands and every one leaves this world with empty hands. No one can take anything with them after their death except their good name.

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