Zoom Is Getting BANNED

Zoom,the teleconferencing and video chat software that has seen huge levels of adoption worldwide since the start of the COVID pandemic. But now the app is being banned left and right. Everyone from companies like Google and SpaceX, to agencies like NASA and the Australian military to the entire government of Taiwan has forbidden theirRead More

Mistakes Most Young People Make & Regret Later in Life

If anything is too exciting, you can suspect something is probably wrong about it. Adolescent and early adulthood is just too exciting, no wonder most of us make several mistakes at a time like that. If you’re still young, you’ll have opportunity to correct some of these mistakes. 1 Young People Spend money on trivialRead More

Bhim Niroula Sunday Morning Love You on Britain’s Got Talent

Bhim Niroula appeared on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, a UK-based reality show. Among the four judges, Simon wasn’t too much interested in his song. But the other three judges selected Bhim Niroula.said that he had written the song for his partner, charming the judges. And for his performance, which got the crowd toRead More