How to manage the body in case of death of Corona? This is the procedure

The government has developed a procedure on how to manage corpses, if someone dies from the corona virus (Covid-19). The Ministry of Health and Population has formulated the corpse management procedure. The last karma of a person who has died is not like that of other patients. According to the procedure prepared by the government,Read More

Ways to be smarter

Re-shuffle your friends. Be an intelligent follower with some smart dudes. Learn to use your ears more than your mouth! Ask more than you provide answers. Start learning to do things differently. Study a little bit about laws and learn why lawyers are usually smart people! Learn to at least break some rules! Anytime youRead More

20 Best Profitable Business ideas after lockdown in Nepal – 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak will significant rise in unemployment and its impacts has already visible.Some employers have already decreased the manpower and many has sent employee home with half-pay. The cancellation of visas and mountaineering will impacts tourism of Nepal for several years.Many people will be back from foreign country to their home countryRead More